Saturday, June 4, 2011


After a dispute with my previous host, I decided to terminate my contract early, but I've been reluctant to sign up with a new host since. That's why, after some consideration, I've decided to try out Google Blogger, because it allows me to host through Google at no cost to myself (except the money I paid for the custom domain through Namecheap). In addition, so far Blogger seems to have lots of excellent themes, a wonderful GUI, allows for ads, if I ever chose to add them, and allows publishing from mobile devices! Anyways, I'll be posting lots of stuff soon, and probably some stuff from my old wordpress installation, so stay tuned!

PS: If you use Namecheap and are wondering how I am hosting my Blogspot with a custom domain through them, check out this guide: CLICK HERE

The guide doesn't really mention this, but the button "All Host Records" will not even show up if your current nameservers aren't already set to the Namecheap default. To do that, under "Domains" and "My Account", click on "Manage Domains". Then click on the domain you want to switch the nameservers for, and on the left hand navigation, you should see a button that says "Transfer DNS back to us". Click on it, follow the prompt, and blam, nameservers will go back to namecheap. However, keep in mind that the time it takes to transfer nameservers seems to be completely random, not just with namecheap, so be patient during all of this.

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