Saturday, September 10, 2011

Verizon DNS Propagation Issues

I'm getting really tired of DNS propagation issues... especially with Verizon. I'm working on another website and I changed the nameservers and it's been a day and Verizon still hasn't updated their DNS cache. As a result, if I try to visit my site through Verizon's DNS I get errors, but if I use Google's DNS ( or everything is working fine. To add to my annoyance, Verizon does not disclose when or how often they refresh their DNS cache, so it could be anywhere from a few minutes from now until days later. The website is for a large group of people, so I don't want to release it until this is fixed, as many of the viewers might have Verizon and thus would be redirected to a bad page. Then again, I really want to release the site ASAP as I have people waiting for its deployment. Argh.

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