Monday, January 16, 2012

My Personal List of the Best Web Comics (Updated 2017)

UPDATED May 25th, 2017 - Just added a few new ones I have stumbled across since my last update.

UPDATED JAN 1st 2016! Hey! Since I created this list, I have come across many new webcomics that I felt deserved a spot here, so I am finally updating this page with my complete list of favorites, as of the end of 2015. Enjoy!

Intro: I love webcomics, probably more so than print comics. Over the past year I have tried to find as many of the funniest ones as possible (at least in my own opinion) and have been slowly adding them to my Google Reader InoReader subscriptions one by one. I have a huge list now, and I figured I might as well share it so if there are others looking to add to their collection, they can find a whole bunch of new stuff to read all in one blogger post.
For each webcomic, I will include the main URL, a direct link to the RSS feed (for Feedly, InoReader, or other RSS readers), a sample comic from the site that is a personal favorite of mine, a short description, and of course, the title of the series. One caveat to this list is that I tend not to enjoy comics that rely heavily on continuity; that is, I prefer comics that don't require the reader to have read previous episodes to understand the current comic strip. However, there are a few of those on my list that I couldn't resist subscribing to. Anyways, enjoy the list!
If you think I would enjoy a webcomic that is not on the list, feel free to leave the URL in the comments or email me at

When I find new webcomics that I like, and believe me this will happen, I will try to remember to add them to this page.

My Favorite Webcomics (In No Particular Order):

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Obsessive Screenshots

Does anybody else compulsively take screenshots of anything they feel is significant? Or just interesting? Or funny? My room is clean and relatively bare, but I feel if anyone looked at my hard drives, they would instantly classify me as a information / digital hoarder. "What, you mean having over 4,000 bookmarks isn't normal???". Oh well.

Anyways, I was going through my screenshots folder and noticed this screenshot I had taken of an unusually phenomenon that happens with Amazon prime from time to time.

My guess is that this usually occurs around holidays / delays / breaks in the shipping industry, where no matter what shipping speed you select, they aren't going to start working on it until after a certain amount of time, so it will end up arriving on the same date regardless. It also seems to happen on certain weekends, where if you buy an item, it won't start getting processed until Monday, so Tuesday would be the earliest it could arrive, whether you select one-day or two-day shipping. Still funny to see though.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to the Salt Mines

First day back to school/work for most today after the holidays, hope it went well! If it didn't, go find one of these:

On a random note, why on earth would any company do this?

Seriously? What harm was someone else uploading one of your commercials doing? Why would you be turning down free publicity? Seriously, this makes no sense. In an era where companies act like drunk attention whores, with huge stickers that say "LIKE US ON FACEBOOK" or "FOLLOW US ON TWITTER", it seems like companies go bananas for free social media publicity. So, again, why have one of your own commercials pulled from YouTube, just because it is posted by someone else? Don't get me wrong, I love me some DQ cones or Blizzards, but this just seems plain dumb.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Nuu K1 WITH ANDROID! - Trying out a bluetooth keyboard attachment with the HTC Sensation 4G

I have owned the HTC Sensation 4G since it came out (if I recall correctly, I purchased it at T-Mobile store the day after it was officially released) and have loved every minute with it. It is fast, durable, and now even has root status. However, the one thing I could never get over losing in my transition from the original G1 to the Sensation 4G was the slide out keyboard. There is just something about typing on physical keys that makes texting and composing messages sooo much easier. I have tried almost every keyboard on the Android Market and none of them, even the ones with haptic feedback, feel as comfortable as using a physical keyboard or let me type as fast. Because of this, I started looking into seeing if it would be possible to pair a bluetooth mini keyboard with the HTC Sensation 4G and attach it somehow to it. However, there are currently no mini bluetooth keyboards made for use with the Sensation, or almost any Android phone for that matter, so I figured I was out of luck. However, I kept going back to the Amazon page for the Nuu K1 Minikey and staring at the pictures and finally decided that I would take a gamble and see if this thing would fit my phone right out of the box or if I might have to modify it a little. The next day the Nuu K1 was waiting on my doorstep and I eagerly shredded the box to get to the keyboard and try it out. "Wah-wuh-wuuuuuu" music should have been playing at this point, as it clearly didn't fit my phone, no matter how hard I shoved it in there. Below is how it originally appeared, in its unmodified and unfitting form.

However, after spending over $50, I was not about to give up. I grabbed a power drill, attached a sanding/grinding bit, and