Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Obsessive Screenshots

Does anybody else compulsively take screenshots of anything they feel is significant? Or just interesting? Or funny? My room is clean and relatively bare, but I feel if anyone looked at my hard drives, they would instantly classify me as a information / digital hoarder. "What, you mean having over 4,000 bookmarks isn't normal???". Oh well.

Anyways, I was going through my screenshots folder and noticed this screenshot I had taken of an unusually phenomenon that happens with Amazon prime from time to time.

My guess is that this usually occurs around holidays / delays / breaks in the shipping industry, where no matter what shipping speed you select, they aren't going to start working on it until after a certain amount of time, so it will end up arriving on the same date regardless. It also seems to happen on certain weekends, where if you buy an item, it won't start getting processed until Monday, so Tuesday would be the earliest it could arrive, whether you select one-day or two-day shipping. Still funny to see though.

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