Sunday, June 1, 2014

Video DownloadHelper Codes and Names

Video DownloadHelper Codes and Names For downloading flash videos from Youtube and other streaming sites, my tool of choice is usually the Firefox plugin called "Video DownloadHelper" - it works great when I need it, is very minimal when I don't, and seems to just always work. The one issue though, is that it has a somewhat bizarre naming scheme for how different download options appear for Youtube (for example, HQ36 and HQ5 - what do these mean?).

This annoyed me enough that I made a handy cheat sheet for myself, both in picture form, and as a table. They are posted below, and all the information comes directly from the preferences for Video DownloadHelper (right click on icon -> "preferences" -> "capture" tab on top -> "YouTube" tab below "capture" tab).
Video DownloadHelper Codes and Names
Now in HTML table form:
Type Format Video Audio Name
[HQ18] MP4 360x270 / 480x360 Stereo Medium
[HQ38] MP4 4096x3072 Stereo 4K
[HQ37] MP4 1920x1080 Stereo 1080p
[HQ22] MP4 1280x720 Stereo 720p
[HQ35] FLV 854x480 Stereo 480p
[HQ34] FLV 640x360 Stereo 360p
[HQ6] FLV 360x270 Mono HQ6
[HQ5] FLV 320x240 Mono HQ5
[HQ17] 3GP 176x144 Stereo Mobile
[HQ13] 3GP 176x144 Mono HQ13
[HQ82] MP4 480x360 Stereo HQ82
[HQ83] MP4 360x240 Stereo HQ83
[HQ84] MP4 960x720 Stereo HQ84
[HQ85] MP4 720x540 Stereo HQ85
[HQ36] 3GP 360x240 Stereo HQ36
[HQ37] MP4 1920x1080 Stereo 1080p
[HQ38] MP4 4096x3072 Stereo 4K
[HQ43] WEBM 640x360 Stereo WebM360p
[HQ44] WEBM 854x480 Stereo WebM480p
[HQ45] WEBM 1280x720 Stereo WebM720p
[HQ46] WEBM 1440x1080 Stereo WebM1080p
Yes, I am aware that for some reason a few of the names are repeated - again this information is directly from the plugin, so it is not my mistake.

Another way to make the plugin a little easier to use it change the "Display HQ prefix" setting. Here is what a sample Youtube download menu looks like before changing it.
Video DownloadHelper Youtube Menu before changing setting

Next, I change the "Display HQ prefix" setting to "[Np WxH]". This tells the plugin to display the name of the type and then the dimensions.
Changing the Video DownloadHelper Display HQ Prefix setting

Finally, here is what it looks like now, after changing the setting:
Video DownloadHelper Youtube Menu after changing setting

Hope this post helped someone! If you have information to add that could help others, feel free to leave it below in the comments!