Sunday, May 29, 2016

Kolor Panotour - Quick Notes 5.29.2016

Multiple floorplans

  • The answer to using multiple floorplans with a single tour is a bit hidden in the docs, but the easiest way is to group your panoramas and then assign one floorplan per group (e.g., one group is "floor 1", another group is "floor 2", etc.)

Programatically interating with Krpano via API

  • Easy to do with pure Krpano - just edit XML
  • Harder to do with Kolor AutoPano - using "build" overwrites custom XML. Can use the "Call Actions on Tour Events" plugin - but that won't let you set heading individually per panorama.
  • My solution - call custom JS with panorama / heading value pair that dynamically changes
    • Core reference doc =
    • Set a callback to your custom function using the "Call Actions on Tour Events" plugin
      • You could technically set up a callback by using the XML of your tour, but the if you rebuild your tour, Panotour will overwrite your custom XML
    • Setup your custom JS file to react
    • Test / Success!

Adjusting the radar heading in Kolor Autopano

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