Tuesday, June 21, 2016

OnePlus 2 - Rooting and Multi-Window Mode

OnePlus 2 Rooting:
OnePlus 2 - Enabling Multi-Window Mode / True Multi-tasking:
  • After using the OnePlus 2 for more than 5 minutes, I quickly realized just how big my new phone was. Coming from the Moto G, this phone feels enormous, and to be realistic, it is pretty big, even when compared to competitors. Thus, it felt really wasteful to have this huge screen and be only using it for one simple app at a time. I wanted to see if I could multitask, and specifically with multi-window mode.
  • If you are rooted, this is actually incredibly easy.
  • Guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/guide-enable-multi-window-mode-android-t3121483
    • My steps were even simpler; I simply installed the ROM Toolbox app (free), which let me edit my build.prop file in seconds to change the user type from "user" to "userdebug", then I rebooted, went into develop options, and turned on "multi-window".

  • So far, most apps work fine with it, and it is great for using Gmail on one side and some other thing on another.

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